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Paperless online forms for agile workflows

IndyForms is a paperless management system designed to help businesses develop, store, and access all the forms they need to streamline their processes and maintain compliance with HR, workplace health and safety, and other regulations governing their operations.

IndyForms makes it easy to:

  • collect accurate data
  • create and share online forms
  • generate reports
  • automate workflows.

Meet your business’s compliance obligations, and seamlessly manage all the communication and documentation systems it needs, without spending the time it normally takes for manual handling, filing, and sharing of information.

Paperless Online Forms

Powerful features at your fingertips

No-code form builder icon

Create captivating forms in just a few clicks

Use our simple drag-and-drop form builder to create effective forms for any purpose, from surveys to contracts and more. Customise forms with logos, videos, and a range of field types for data collection, including multiple choice, calculation and file upload fields.

Centralised document management icon

Centralised document management

Store, manage and update documents, images, and videos in a live Document Library. Directly reference files in your forms, with automatic syncing ensuring files used on forms always reflect their latest version in the Library.

AI form designer icon

AI form designer

Simplify form creation. Our AI-powered form designer can build any form for you – fast. Just tell the AI designer what you need, and it’ll do the rest.

Online form responses icon

Make submitting forms easy

Share engaging online forms via links or QR codes, which users can complete on any device. Simplify processes such as job site check-ins, visitor registrations and more.

Data Accuracy Icon

Collect accurate data

Use field validation to define rules for data submission, and capture complete data quickly and securely. Access reports for meaningful business insights and informed decision-making.

Electronic signatures icon

Capture e-signatures

Collect electronic signatures for consent, payments, contracts and more with ease. Forms are easily created and shared with respondents, and can be signed on any device.

Compliance simplified icon

Simplify compliance

Create and complete compliance forms in minutes, not hours. Set up automated workflows to generate and send forms for you—there’s no more manual handling. Confidently meet your obligations with ease.

Real time collaboration icon

Real-time review & collaboration

Get real-time access to forms and records, no matter which device you’re working on. Collaborate on forms and ensure everyone’s working with the right information.

Automated workflows icon

Automated workflows

Configure form and workflow automations for any activity or obligation. IndyForms will automatically action them, and send notifications and reminders to keep your workflow on track.

Why IndyForms?

No paper

With IndyForms, it’s easy to automate your processes and bring your business into line with the more convenient, and sustainable, digital age.

Gone is the need to collect, manage and store your documents and information manually; and gone are the days of chasing signatures, updates, and assurances that your teams are on top of their obligations.

Thanks to IndyForms, time-consuming document and compliance workflows are transformed into digital processes that can improve efficiency and revenue, and make compliance a breeze.

Paperless Document Storage Software

All features for all plans

We’re proud of our user-friendly yet feature-rich form builder, and we want everyone to experience it to its full potential.

That’s why every IndyForms subscription plan has access to every form builder feature. That includes the IndyForms basic subscription, which is free forever.

Fully Featured Online Form Builder

Done-for-you digital transformation

Whether you need help digitalising your business or digitising your paperwork, we’re here.

We can assess and replace your existing workflows and systems with digital processes that meet the needs of your business, and transfer any existing digital or paper documents into IndyForms for you.

Business Digitalisation Software

People-centered service

We’re techies, but that doesn’t mean we take shortcuts with customer service. When you choose IndyForms, you’ll have access to a 24/7 instant chat help service, so you’re never left to try to figure out answers to any problems that arise.

The best part is, we’re real people, too: we don’t leave it to the bots to solve technical problems, because unlike other ‘plug and play’ SaaS services out there, we’re passionate about personalised service. You can count a seamless support from the very beginning.

People-centred service

Team management

IndyForms can relieve you from training obligations, and support your staff when they need help. We deliver an intuitive digital user experience that notifies your workers of their tasks and priorities for the day, week, and month, and provides fast and easy access to relevant forms via the dashboard.

Where your teams need additional training and support, IndyForms is available at any time to support your needs.

Team Managed Forms

Time and money saving

Searching, reviewing, copying, and storing documents can take hundreds of hours—and hundreds of dollars—every month. Studies estimate that on average, printing costs a company approximately $725 per year per employee, and workers can spend up to one third of their time managing documents and information.

With IndyForms, your time and money can be spent on the critical operations of your business – where it belongs.

Automation Time & Money Savings

Seamless integration

IndyForms is designed to integrate fully with any of the tools and software you’re already using with an application programming interface (API).

IndyForms will work with or replace your existing software, powering super-efficient, automated workflows and eliminating double data entry, so you can work more productively than ever.

IndyForms Form Builder Software Integrations

Better sustainability

IndyForms’ fully digital system makes it easy to get your business operating more sustainably.

With no more reliance on inefficient and environmentally unfriendly paper systems, you can meet your business’s sustainability targets faster—and your clients and customers will rest assured that you’re upholding your ongoing professional commitment to reducing your impact on the planet.

Sustainable Digital Systems


Your data in IndyForms is encrypted and stored on certified Microsoft Azure servers, so you can have peace of mind knowing your valuable information remains protected, private and accessible

By leveraging the industry-leading infrastructure of Microsoft Azure, abiding by the relevant data protection laws applicable to the regions where we operate, and implementing comprehensive security features and practices, IndyForms can provide the utmost protection for your data.

Encrypted Microsoft Azure Data Storage

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in keeping an organisation both functional and compliant. But the time it takes to do it shouldn’t be taken away from your other—equally important—obligations.

That’s why we’ve created IndyForms.