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Digital transformation for non-profits
Online Compliance Forms for NFPs

We understand that as a not-for-profit, it’s critical for you to save every valuable minute you can—and make every dollar go that bit further.

We want to help. At IndyForms, we’re proud to offer customised digitisation solutions to social enterprises, charities, and not-for-profits, helping them to optimise their workflows, and free up the valuable time of their staff and volunteers.

We can help you:

  • Simplify compliance with digital audit trails, mobile forms, and automated notifications for tasks like donation reporting, volunteer checks, and more.
  • Optimise volunteer management with online application forms, training modules, and a portal for volunteer access.
  • Streamline operations with digital donation forms, membership renewals, event registrations and more that can be easily completed and e-signed online.
  • Manage finances with digital tools for reporting, budgets, expense tracking and payroll, and to streamline grant funding applications.
  • Plan and organise events with systems that allow for automated registration, event reminders, ticketing, and feedback collection.
  • Prioritise safety and privacy with secure digital storage for donor information, volunteer records, and other essential details.
  • Foster collaboration and communication with features allowing teams to collaborate on documents such as meeting agendas and minutes, communicate changes in real-time, and access vital information anytime, anywhere.
  • Reduce administrative burden by eliminating paperwork, freeing up your team’s time to focus more on advancing your mission and less on logistics.

Digital Forms for Non-Profits

No-code form builder icon

No-code form builder with AI

Recognising the need for simplicity, our drag-and-drop form builder with AI lets you create digital forms in a breeze, from donation pledges to volunteer applications.

Electronic signatures icon

Electronic signatures

Collect electronic signatures for donor agreements, volunteer waivers and more. Designed for everyone, these forms are easily created and shared, and can be e-signed on any device.

User-friendly online form icon

User-friendly digital forms

With intuitive designs and features to simplify form filling like calculations, timestamped e-signatures and more, forms are easy to complete and encourage prompt feedback.

Notification icon


Keep staff, volunteers, and board members informed of key dates like donation deadlines and board meetings, streamlining compliance and boosting productivity.

Parent / carer login icon

Volunteer log-in

Our self-service portal gives volunteers and donors direct access to forms, event schedules, and a dashboard overview of pending forms and tasks.

Automated workflows icon

Automated workflows

Automate workflows for donation processing, volunteer onboarding, event registrations, and more, ensuring volunteers can focus on impactful activities.

Mobile Forms Icon

Mobile-friendly forms

Access up-to-date fundraising campaigns, review event details, approve volunteer applications, and get a preview of board meeting agendas from your mobile device.

CRM integration icon

Pre-loaded templates

Save time and maintain consistency with a library of pre-loaded contracts, policies, and other non-profit industry templates, expertly crafted and ready to use.

Form Template Icon

Non-Profit Industry Forms on the IndyForms Marketplace

Create your own forms in seconds with pre-built digital form templates, crafted by professionals in the non-profit industry.

  • Donation Pledge Form
  • Volunteer Application Form
  • Event Sign-up Form
  • In-kind Donation Form
  • Membership Application and Renewal Form
  • Expense Claim Form
  • Feedback and Survey Form
  • Board Member Nomination Form
  • Grant Application Form
  • Volunteer Work Record
  • Sponsorship Form
  • Conflict of Interest Declaration Form
  • Consent and Release Form
  • Program Enrolment Form
  • Donor Information Form
  • Incident Report Form
  • Advocacy or Petition Form
  • Meeting Minutes Form
  • Meeting Agenda Form
Online forms & digital compliance for the non profit industry

Made for everyday people

Because we know you’re already stretched for time and resources, we’ve developed IndyForms so it is incredible easy to use, even for volunteers that come and go on a daily basis.

Our industry-compliant templates and drag-and-drop form builder with AI capabilities make creating digital forms and documents as simple as a few clicks. With intuitive form fields, mobile access and e-signatures, forms are easy for staff and volunteers to fill out and sign off on.

Traditional paper-based or email-heavy workflows for routine processes, such as information gathering for meeting agendas, can be easily automated, saving you time and headaches.

User Friendly Not-For-Profit Software

Cost savings and resource allocation

IndyForms helps you save time and money with reduced paper-based processes, manual record-keeping, and physical storage space, and can automate your financial management processes—including budgeting, expense tracking, invoicing, and payroll tasks.

We can even help you to manage philanthropic funding opportunities, applications, and deadlines; document donor information and contributions; create donation portals; and automate donation processing, helping you to allocate resources more efficiently and make data-driven decisions to grow your social impact.

Automation Time and Money Savings

IndyForm scales as you do

We know that you’re always working on deepening your social impact, and that means your business needs room to grow and change.

That’s why IndyForms is designed for scalability: whether you’re an established not-for-profit, or a tiny start-up, we’ll tailor a solution to your needs, helping you to plan for growth from wherever you are in your enterprise journey.

By streamlining your operations, and giving you the flexibility to adjust and adapt your system as you grow, we can position you better to achieve your missions and serve your communities more meaningfully and effectively.

Scalable Business Owner

Tailored, ongoing support

We know it’s a big deal to digitise your systems. That’s why we can allocate not-for-profit clients a dedicated account manager: a single point of contact who’s there when you need them, and who can get you online and operating more efficiently without the need for time and labour investment.

With IndyForms, you’ll receive ongoing tech leadership support, helping you, your staff, and your volunteers to leverage user-friendly and customisable systems for a more efficient workflow, so you can spend your time where it counts: on expanding your reach and deepening your social impact.

Tailored Support Services

Non-Profit Industry Use Cases: Surf Life Saving Clubs

Members icon

Membership Registration

Create online membership registration forms for individuals interested in joining Surf Life Saving Clubs (SLSCs). These forms can collect necessary information such as personal details, emergency contacts, medical conditions, and skills/qualifications.

This simplifies the registration process, improves data accuracy, and allows for efficient communication with members.

Patrol log flag icon

Patrol logs and incident reporting

Lifeguards and volunteers can use digital patrol logs and incident reporting forms to log their patrol activities, record observations, and report any incidents or emergencies that occur on the beach.

This streamlines reporting processes, ensures timely documentation, and facilitates better incident management.

Record check icon

Training and qualification records

Track and manage training and qualification records for surf lifesavers. SLSCs can create forms for recording certifications, course completions, and ongoing training requirements.

This helps in monitoring and ensuring that members possess the necessary skills and qualifications for their roles.

Equipment maintenance tools icon

Gear and equipment maintenance

Create forms for recording inspections, repairs, and inventory tracking. This allows for efficient maintenance scheduling, tracks equipment condition, and helps ensure the availability of safe and functional gear for beach patrols.

Event registration calendar icon

Event registration and risk assessment

Create forms for event participants to register for events, provide necessary information, and acknowledge event-related risks and liabilities. This facilitates efficient event management, accurate participant records, and better risk mitigation.

Volunteer roster & communication icon

Volunteer roster and communication

Create digital volunteer rosters and communication forms to enable efficient scheduling of lifeguard and volunteer shifts, facilitate communication of important updates or changes, and provide a centralised platform for coordinating SLSC activities.

Case Study: Currumbin Beach Vikings SLSC

While exploring digital options for document management, the team at Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club dabbled with a few systems. When these didn’t meet their needs, they searched instead for a distinctively customer-focused and customisable system—and found IndyForms.

What sets IndyForms apart from the rest is the support. Their commitment to taking the time to understand and pivot to the client’s needs has been a major benefit.”

Currumbin Beach Vikings SLSC Logo