Online forms & digital compliance for early childhood education and care

IndyForms keeps you focussed on people, not paperwork.

Online forms & digital compliance for the child care industry
Online Compliance Forms for ECEC

At IndyForms, our mission is to revolutionise the Early Childhood Education and Care industry by transforming manual, paper-based processes into efficient digital workflows.

Our comprehensive online platform enables childcare providers to:

  • Simplify compliance with digital audit trails, mobile forms and automated notifications for essential compliance tasks like licence renewals and mandatory training.
  • Optimise HR processes with online contracts, training, employee access and more, ensuring an easy and efficient approach to building and maintaining a dedicated team of educators.
  • Streamline operations with online waitlists, enrolment forms, allergy profiles and direct debit request forms that families can conveniently fill out and e-sign online.
  • Enrich child learning with digital learning materials and resources, allowing for tailored learning experiences and easy tracking of developmental milestones.
  • Enhance child safety with secure digital document storage of emergency contacts, allergies, and other essential information, easily searchable and accessible.
  • Foster collaboration and communication with features that allow staff to collaborate on documents, communicate changes in real time, and access crucial information from anywhere and anytime.
  • Reduce the administrative load without requiring paperwork, freeing up your team’s time to focus on fostering a nurturing and educational environment.

With IndyForms, your childcare centre isn’t just meeting standards but setting new ones.

Seven out of nine interviewed teachers reported that heavy administration workloads are pulling them away from quality interactions with children.”

IndyForms Powering ECEC

No-code form builder icon

No-code form builder

An easy-to-use, drag-and-drop form builder means you and your teams can create and update digital forms in minutes, from surveys and registration forms to incident reports and more.

Electronic signatures icon

Electronic signatures

Collect electronic signatures for consent, payments and contracts. Forms are easily created and shared with families, and can be signed on any device.

User-friendly online form icon

User-friendly digital forms

With clean, modern designs and features to simplify form filling like calculation fields and date-stamped e-signatures, forms are easy to complete and encourage quick responses.

CRM integration icon

CRM integration

When real-time data flows constantly from your CRM into IndyForms, the most up-to-date information will always be available to you—including current ages from birth dates in your CRM, and more.

Notification icon


Never miss a fridge check or an emergency drill again. See daily, weekly, and monthly obligations at a glance, and receive notifications about upcoming and overdue tasks.

Parent / carer login icon

Parent/carer log-in

Allow families to log in to IndyForms to sign forms and documents, view progress reports and more. Create automated email notifications to prompt families to complete outstanding forms.

Automated workflows icon

Automated workflows

Set up automated workflows to generate and send compliance forms whenever they are due, such as Working With Children Check (WWCC) renewals, licence renewals, monthly audits, emergency drills and daily safety checklists.

Mobile Forms Icon

Mobile forms

Enjoy on-the-go access to checklists, enrolments, WHS forms, incident reports and more, so you can worry less about collating and managing everything you need for compliance.

Form Template Icon

Early Childhood Education Forms on the IndyForms Marketplace

Create your own forms in seconds with pre-built digital form templates, crafted by professionals in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry.

  • Enrolment Forms
  • Consent Forms
  • Immunisation Record Forms
  • Incident/Accident Reports
  • Medication Administration Forms
  • Daily Communication Sheets
  • Developmental Observation Forms
  • Health Forms like Allergy/Intolerance Forms
  • Excursion Forms
  • Employee Contracts
  • Performance Reviews
  • Self-Assesment Tools
  • Employee Onboarding Workflows + many more!

Enrolment simplified

Create online waitlists, enrolment forms, allergy profiles and direct debit request forms that families can conveniently fill out and electronically sign online.

Collect the data you need quickly and accurately, while making the process simple for your families.

Online Enrolment Forms

Hassle-free reporting

Every day is different in early childhood education, but documenting daily activities, incidents and more can follow the same simple process: seamless input into a digital form. And when it comes to creating a register, IndyForms can automatically do it for you.

Reduce the administrative burden on your educators; now, they’re free to focus on essential tasks such as lesson planning, curriculum development, and meaningful interactions with the children in their care.

Online Compliance Reporting Tools

Accurate information in one location

Collect and organise essential information, such as consent forms, emergency contact information, allergies, medication administration and health assessment records in one secure and central online location.

Set up automation workflows and notifications to ensure this information remains up to date and accurate, improving child safety and compliance with health regulations.

People-centred service

Effortless collaboration

With IndyForms, families can easily collaborate about your centre’s philosophy, policies and procedures as well as its daily operations and curriculum.

Gauge satisfaction, gather input, and continuously improve your program and service through family surveys, feedback forms and more.

Parent Carer Collaboration Tools

Effortless integration

Whether it’s connecting with Learning Management Systems to enhance educational experiences, syncing with popular CRM systems to keep all child and parent data at your fingertips, or integrating financial tools for streamlined billing and payments—IndyForms plays well with the tools you already use and rely on.

Our goal is to make sure your childcare business operates like a well-oiled machine, where data flows smoothly, reducing manual entry and the potential for errors.

IndyForms Form Builder Software Integrations

Make assessment & rating a breeze

IndyForms powers efficient, compliant and well-documented workflows.

Come assessment, audit and rating time, IndyForms makes it easy to showcase your consistent ability to meet and exceed criteria set by regulatory authorities.

Let IndyForms take the stress out of audits and assessments and let your service shine.

Assessment & Rating Software

Streamlining HR

Going paperless with IndyForms transforms how you run your childcare business, touching everything from daily operations and compliance to the nitty-gritty of human resources.

The administrative load lightens for everyone, not just your educators. For those in HR, IndyForms makes handling the employee journey easy, from creating, storing, and e-signing employment contracts and documents, to interactive online onboarding and training, automated approval workflows, notifications for blue card renewals and more.

With IndyForms, you’re not just meeting regulatory standards; you’re boosting efficiency, cutting down on mistakes, and making HR a whole lot smoother.

Online HR Forms

Evolving with you

As your childcare business expands, IndyForms is right there with you, ready to adapt. Whether you’re managing a large hub or multiple sites, we’re set to scale alongside you.

Beyond scalability, we shine in the details. We pride ourselves on our robust customisation options and steadfast support, allowing you to tailor forms, workflows, and processes to the unique demands of your centre, and empowering your success at every turn.

Learn more about Support in IndyForms.

Scalable Business Owner

Case Study: A Head Start Children’s Centres

In 2022, A Head Start embraced IndyForms to eliminate paper processes while still ensuring impeccable compliance, allowing educators to remain ‘on the floor’ and interacting with the children.

Thanks to IndyForms, our team can manage their daily record-keeping tasks in minutes, not hours. Now, they can focus on what they do best.

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