Compliance and workflow software for construction

Automate processes, ensure safety, and drive peak productivity on every site.

Construction industry compliance forms
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IndyForms takes the paperwork and paper processes you already use and transforms them into digital forms and document workflows powered by automation.

This means your workforce can operate with maximum efficiency, compliance and safety – both in the office and on site.

Protect your people and your business – and save time – with IndyForms.


  • Safety and compliance with digitised check-ins, induction forms, and site documentation such as SWMS with mobile review and sign-off.
  • Productivity with access to view and submit on-site information in real time, including photos and videos, eliminating double data entry.
  • People management with digital timesheet logging, secure employee detail storage with document expiry notifications, and automated pre-qualifications.
  • Project management with real-time monitoring, mobile accessibility, comprehensive template libraries, audit trails and reporting.
  • Resource management with digital forms and workflows for equipment and asset management, from sign-outs to safety workflows and maintenance checklists.
  • Quality assurance with streamlined inspections, defect tracking, and automated alerts.
  • Environmental compliance with tools that prioritise eco-compliance from environmental audits to waste management.

And another huge benefit for you and your teams? IndyForms is so easy to use, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t go digital sooner.

IndyForms Powering Construction

No-code form builder icon

No-code form builder with AI

Recreate your every form and document digitally with a simple drag-and-drop process, pre-built industry templates, or the help of our digitisation specialists.

User-friendly online form icon

Comprehensive form elements

Use drop-down lists, checklists, calculation fields, image capture fields and more to create effective forms that are easy for respondents to complete.

Data validation check icon

Data validation rules

Mandatory fields and data validation rules ensure accurate data capture and record keeping, making compliance easy.

Calendar schedule icon

Scheduled forms

Schedule forms for specific due dates. Employee dashboards show upcoming and due forms, and admins can track forms in progress, completed or overdue.

Electronic signatures icon

Electronic signatures

Collect electronic signatures for contracts, reports, agreements and more.

Mobile Forms Icon

Mobile and offline access

Every form and document can be quickly reviewed, filled, signed, and submitted from any device, with offline editing available in remote areas.

Automated workflows icon

Automated workflows

Set up automated workflows to generate and send forms, and provide notification and reminders whenever they are due.

Image video upload icon

Media uploads

Collect and upload photos and videos on site complete with mark-ups and automatic date, time and geo-location stamping.

IndyForms keeps your workers safe, and your business protected.

Create compliant documents, such as SWMS and RAMS reports, WHS management plans and risk assessments with ease. Our industry-compliant templates and drag-and-drop form builder with AI make the process as simple as a few clicks.

With intuitive form fields, mobile access and e-signatures, your forms are easy to submit and sign off on. Compliance workflows, for processes such as pre-qualification and permits, can be easily automated, saving you time and headaches.

Digital site check-in ensures you know who’s on site and inducted. Reminders and notifications ensure that licenses, insurance policies, and other essential compliance documents are updated on time.

Every interaction is securely archived within IndyForms, making data retrieval a breeze and ensuring you’re always audit-ready.

Key documents:

  • Site safety plan
  • WHS management plan
  • Pre-start checklists
  • Construction inductions
  • Visitor induction forms
  • Toolbox talk records
  • JSAs
  • Hazard and incident reports
  • Permit to work
  • Emergency response plans
  • Asbestos registers
  • High-risk work licenses

Productivity, not paper, on the job site.

With IndyForms, everyone on-site has the power of a full office toolkit right in their pocket.

Teams have every piece of vital information, from safety inspection checklists to progress reports and change order requests, in one digital location – where every file is intuitively organised, easily searchable, and secure.

No longer will you grapple with incomplete or illegible data; every form can be quickly reviewed, filled, signed, and submitted from any device. This means real-time information, like progress updates, material counts, and quality checks, are always at your fingertips.

Plus, form field features for standardised data capture ensure you’re documenting, organising, and tracking accurate field data at all times.

Key features:

  • Site diaries
  • Time and materials tracking
  • Digital docket management
  • Automated task reminders
  • Daily progress photos and documentation
  • Electronic signatures and approvals
  • Equipment and asset logs
  • Collaborative annotation on project blueprints
  • Centralised storage for all forms and reports

Manage teams with ease.

Log timesheets digitally, eliminating manual calculations and streamlining payroll. Automate the onboarding process, and manage performance as well as benefits through online self-service portals, complete with digital libraries and training modules.

Store all employee data, from project managers and site supervisors to contractors and subcontractors, on a single secure and centralised platform. This includes everything from licenses, insurance details, and agreements to other essential documents. Built-in notifications warn when documents are nearing expiration or are overdue for renewal. And the right people have access to any document from any device.

Enhance team collaboration with tools designed for clear, real-time communication. Track attendance with site registers, ensuring only authorised personnel access the job site.

Key features:

  • Digital timesheets
  • Automated onboarding
  • Online training
  • Employee self-service
  • Performance monitoring
  • Skill tracking
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Site attendance registers
  • Digital inductions
  • Late arrival pre-start forms

Master project management and tracking.

Capture on-site activities through photo and video uploads, complemented by markups for clarity. Site diaries and RFIs keep everyone informed and aligned. Version control guarantees everyone’s on the same page.

Managers can dive into project details anytime, reviewing photos, updates, and change orders on the go. A comprehensive template library ensures you’re always equipped with the right form, document or file. And with mobile accessibility and a full audit trail on every form, you’re not just managing—you’re leading.

Key features and forms:

  • Photo/video uploads with mark-ups
  • Site diaries
  • Real-time project monitoring
  • RFIs & change orders
  • Version control
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Template library
  • Audit trail
  • Risk registers
  • Meeting minutes & site instructions

Resource management made easy.

From machinery to tools, stay on top of inductions, logbook entries, and regular inspections.

IndyForms enables seamless equipment sign-outs and pre-start safety checks, and ensures timely maintenance and servicing.

With detailed asset registers and comprehensive maintenance checklists at your fingertips, keep every piece of equipment in peak condition, maximising safety and efficiency on the job site.

Key features and forms:

  • Asset registers
  • Maintenance checklists
  • Equipment sign-outs
  • Pre-start safety checks
  • Plant and equipment checklists
  • Logbooks
  • Regular inspections
  • Digital inductions
  • Equipment servicing records
  • Machinery usage history
  • Safety protocols

Quality assurance and control.

From hold point inspections to non-conformance reports and acceptance tests, IndyForms simplifies quality assurance and control.

Intuitive digital forms streamline site inspections and defect recordings, while punch list templates with media uploads make tracking issues clear and easy.

Plus, with real-time automated alerts, nothing slips past your team.

Key features and forms:

  • Hold point inspections
  • Non-conformance reports
  • Factory and site acceptance tests
  • Digital inspection forms
  • Defect management
  • Punch List templates
  • Automated alerts
  • Inspection test plans (ITP)
  • Quality plans
  • Media integration


From thorough environmental audits to detailed impact assessments, IndyForms helps you prioritise eco-compliance.

Manage vital environmental permits, integrate planning tools, and optimise waste tracking to champion a sustainable footprint.

Key features and forms:

  • Environmental audits
  • Impact assessments (EIA)
  • Environmental permits
  • Planning integration tools
  • Waste tracking and management
  • Real-time risk assessments
  • Incident reporting
  • Mitigation and response plans
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Sustainability reports

Automating document workflows in construction

Automation completely transforms your document workflows, ensuring efficiency and reducing manual touchpoints.

Take, for instance, an Inspection Test Plan (ITP). With IndyForms, once a site inspection is completed using a digital form, the data can be instantaneously sent to the project manager for review.

If there’s a need for additional documentation, a notification is automatically triggered, prompting the relevant subcontractor to upload supplementary photos or details.

Once uploaded, the ITP is routed back to the project manager for final approval, and upon validation, it’s automatically submitted to the client or regulatory body. This seamless, automated flow not only accelerates processes but also minimises errors, ensuring streamlined operations at every construction phase.

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Evolving with you

As your organisation grows, IndyForms is right there with you, ready to adapt. Whether you’re managing a large corporate entity or multiple teams across diverse locations, we’re set to scale alongside you.

Beyond scalability, we shine in the details. We pride ourselves on our robust customisation options and steadfast support, allowing you to tailor forms, workflows, and processes to the unique demands of your organisation, and empowering your success at every turn.

Learn more about Support in IndyForms.

Construction business owner

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Construction Forms on the IndyForms Marketplace

Create your own forms in seconds with pre-built digital form templates, crafted by professionals in the Construction industry.

  • Site safety plan/WHS management plan
  • Pre-start checklists
  • Construction inductions
  • Visitor induction forms
  • Toolbox talk records
  • JSAs
  • Hazard and incident reports
  • Permit to work
  • Emergency response plans
  • Asbestos registers
  • High-risk work licenses + many more!
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Transitioning to IndyForms is made to be easy. We offer step-by-step guidance, a complete digitisation service to migrate your existing forms and processes to digital ones, and ensure a seamless integration process with minimal disruption to your ongoing projects.

Absolutely! IndyForms is designed to be compatible with a variety of software applications. Let us know what tools you’re using, and we’ll assist you in integrating them.

Our platform is designed for intuitiveness. With user-friendly interfaces and support materials, most users become proficient in a short time. Plus, we offer training sessions to fast-track the learning process.

IndyForms is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small contractor or a large construction firm, our platform scales and adapts to meet your needs.

Data security is our utmost priority. We use advanced encryption methods, conduct regular security audits, and adhere to industry-leading standards to ensure your data is always safe.

Certainly! While our templates cover a vast range of industry needs, we understand the unique requirements of different projects. Our no-code form builder allows you to easily customise or create forms from scratch, or our digitisation specialists can handle the entire process for you!

Our dedicated support team is just a click away. Whether it’s a technical glitch, a query about a feature, or a need for additional training, we’re here to help.

We believe in constant evolution. We regularly update IndyForms based on feedback, emerging industry needs, and technological advancements.

Yes, IndyForms is designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring all features and functionalities are optimised for mobile devices.

We offer obligation-free demos for potential users to explore the platform and understand its capabilities before making a decision.