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Digital Solutions for Consultancy

In the fast-paced world of consultancy, your success isn’t just about your expertise, it’s about being efficient in all areas of business.

With tailored solutions to digitalise and automate document workflows, IndyForms steps in to make consultancy simpler and more efficient, letting you shine where it matters most.

We streamline document-heavy workflows, such as acquiring and engaging clients, delivering projects, collecting payment and much more.

With administrative clutter out of the picture, you’re free to channel your time and energy into delivering exceptional services and support to your clients.

Deliver a seamless experience

Keep track of client interactions, manage leads, and streamline communication with engaging, professionally branded digital forms. Make it easy for clients and contacts to submit information, sign forms, and stay in contact with you, ensuring a seamless experience with your brand.

Version control features ensure that clients are always provided the most up-to-date versions of documents, and automated notifications keep both you and your clients in the loop.

Significantly reduce the administrative burden on your teams, and focus more on client service – not paperwork.

Digital Consulting Solutions

Collaborate securely and efficiently

With secure logins and powerful permissions settings, your collaborators, clients, and contractors can edit, review and e-sign documents confidentially without the hassle.

We ensure the integrity of your data through strict data format validation and advanced authentication fields, including user verification and timestamps on all signatures. This way, you know that your data is submitted in the right format by the right person, every time.

Gone are the days of chasing for details and to secure approvals, now that clients and contractors can quickly review, complete and e-sign documents online.

Consulting Collaboration Tools

Effortless creation & secure storage

IndyForms gives you the power to create any form for any purpose, and to store and manage your forms and documents with ease. Spend less time looking for documents—and stop wasting money on printing.

A simple drag-and-drop form builder, pre-built templates, or AI-powered form designer provide everything you need to build engaging online forms fast, from contracts and agreements to invoices, expenses and more.

Essential documents such as policies and manuals and even videos and images are organised, privacy protected, version controlled and easily accessible in a centralised Document Library. With a quick click, you can insert any file from the Library into your forms, and any updates made to files are reflected in real time on forms.

Digital Consulting Solutions

Automate your workflows

Spend less of your brain power on business management with IndyForms’ set-and-forget approach to routine tasks. Whether it’s license renewals or contract updates, our automation will handle the heavy lifting in the background while you get on with sharing your expertise with your clients.

We can also help you stay compliant without the need for manual document management: with customisable notification settings, we’ll give you a heads up on any upcoming tasks, so you never miss a deadline again.

Automation Software for Consulting

Improved efficiency and productivity

Automated workflows, online collaboration, and digital document management replaces paper-based processes, outdated systems, and the need to juggle a host of different software.

Our systems are designed to free up the time you normally spend on administrative tasks and manual data entry, so you can spend less time on business management and get back to business consultancy.

Consulting Productivity Software


IndyForms’ features are designed to support consultants to reduce their administrative load, and to deliver fast and efficient management as they scale and grow their businesses.

No-code form builder icon

Form builder

Create, sign, and impress with professionally branded and visually appealing forms. Draw from IndyForms’ extensive template library, or harness the power of our AI-driven form designer.

Real-time collaboration icon

Real-time collaboration

Keep documents up to date—and everyone on the same page—with powerful real-time collaboration features, version control, notifications and permissions.

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Easily collect digital signatures for consent, payments, contracts and more on any device. Ensure their authenticity with automatic user verification and timestamping.

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Client management

Store shared forms automatically against client profiles with detailed activity logs. Set automated reminders and notifications for hassle-free client management.

Seamless integration icon

Seamless integration

Streamline workflows by integrating your existing tools and programs, including CRM, project management tools, financial management software and more.

Analytics and reporting icon

Analytics and reporting

Get instant snapshots of your business performance by tracking key metrics, KPIs, and compliance. Generate reports to make data-driven decisions.

Training and development icon

Training and development

Support your teams with seamless access to interactive training materials and resources for professional development, including videos, quizzes, images and more.

Tailored Support Icon

Tailored support

Experience personalised, priority support that aligns with your unique needs – including expert guidance on any area of business.

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Consultant Forms on the IndyForms Marketplace

It’s never been easier to create visually appealing digital forms, like contracts and agreements, and have them e-signed by your clients and stakeholders. With access to IndyForms’ template library, and the efficiency of an AI-powered designer, you can build forms in a snap, including:

  • Consultancy contracts and service agreements
  • Privacy policies and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Licences and qualifications documentation
  • Industry-specific strategy and management documents
  • Human resources and marketing documents
Online forms & digital compliance for the HR industry
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We know that while you’re helping others to grow their businesses, your business also needs room to grow and change. That’s why IndyForms is designed for scalability: whether you’re an established industry professional, or you’re starting on your own for the first time, we’ll help you to plan for growth from wherever you are in your journey.

Tailored, Ongoing Support Icon

Tailored, ongoing support

Your business is unique. That’s why IndyForms can tailor a solution to your needs, and provide you with a single point of contact who’s there whenever you need them. To ensure you continue to use our systems in ways that best suit your unique needs and workflows, you can also enjoy access to ongoing support. This way, you can spend more time on what you’re paid to do: sharing your knowledge and growing businesses—including yours.