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HR Automation Software

IndyForms digitalises and streamlines traditional HR management, making it easier than ever to manage your people and teams at every step of the employee journey.

IndyForms empowers HR professionals to seamlessly:

  • Recruit top talent with beautiful digital surveys, questionnaires and applications, and automated communication and interview scheduling.
  • Onboard new employees with interactive training, e-signatures, and dedicated self-service portals.
  • Develop and train employees with digitised training materials and resources, allowing for personalised development paths and easy progress monitoring.
  • Manage performance with built-in assessment tools, instant feedback options, and tailored reporting dashboards.
  • Ensure compliance with features like automated notifications and workflows, mobile-optimised forms, comprehensive reporting, and digital audit trails.
  • Manage documents within a secure, centralised digital environment where HR documents and templates are easily accessible.
  • Simplify HR operations with integrated payroll calculators and digital timesheet systems to streamline routine tasks.
  • Manage employee relations with tools that facilitate grievance handling, mediate disputes, and promote a positive working environment.
  • Administer benefits with notifications systems, employee self-service, integrated knowledge bases and more.

With IndyForms, your entire hiring process and employee lifecycle becomes less about manual paperwork, and more about empowering your people and helping your organisation thrive.

And the best part? We actually use IndyForms for our own HR processes, so we’re sharing a solution we genuinely believe in.

IndyForms Powering HR

No-code form builder icon

No-code form builder with AI

A drag-and-drop form builder with AI capabilities means you can create and update digital forms easily, from employment contracts to performance evaluations and more.

Electronic signatures icon

Electronic signatures

Collect electronic signatures for consent, contracts and documents. Forms are easily created and shared with employees, and can be signed on any device.

User-friendly online form icon

User-friendly digital forms

With clean, modern designs and features to simplify form filling like calculation fields and date-stamped e-signatures, forms are easy to complete and encourage quick responses.

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Now everyone can stay on top of HR tasks and obligations effortlessly, ensuring compliance, enhancing productivity and fostering positive environments and employee engagement.

Employee login icon

Employee log-in

A self-service portal allows employees to complete forms, access documents, and make requests with personalised dashboards providing clear overview of forms due.

Automated workflows icon

Automated workflows

Automate HR workflows to initiate and streamline processes such as performance appraisals, training and development planning, and employment assistance programs.

Mobile-friendly Forms Icon

Mobile-friendly forms

Access up-to-date policies and procedures, review contracts, and approve workflows from your mobile device.

Pre-built templates icon

Pre-built templates

Save time and maintain consistency with a library of pre-loaded contracts, policies, and other HR templates, expertly crafted and ready to use.

Effortless document management

With IndyForms, you gain an all-in-one solution that centralises and streamlines your HR operations. Not only can you create, manage and e-sign contracts and documents online, but storing and finding documents becomes easy – and more cost-effective – too.

Every record associated with an internal user is securely stored under their unique user profile. Whether it’s leave requests, timesheets, training plans or other documents, the right people with the right access can find the records they need to with ease.

Reduce administration time and manual paperwork, and provide a convenient and transparent experience for employees, candidates, and HR.

IndyForms Document Management

Seamless employee onboarding

New hires can complete essential documents, review company policies, access training materials and more in IndyForms. These documents can be made with a template or a simple drag-and-drop process, and come to life with embedded images and video.

Enhance your candidate’s initial experience with your organisation through a smooth and efficient onboarding process that sets a positive tone for their employment journey.

Worker Using Onboarding Software

Employee self-service

Provide employees with direct access to their personal information, benefits, training resources and performance management tools through IndyForms’ self-service portal.

Routine tasks like updating data, answering common questions, and managing benefits are streamlined, allowing you to spend more time on higher-value tasks.

Boost your own productivity while fostering employee engagement, accuracy of data, and cohesive communication across your organisation.

Employee self-service portal

Automated HR workflows

Ensure compliance through automated HR document workflows. Configure scheduled forms with automated reminders, notifications, and approval processes, simplifying contract management and enabling seamless collaboration between everyone. Set up forms submitted by employees, including leave requests, to be automatically routed to relevant managers for quick approval.

Automated workflows adapted to suit your processes not only saves time and reduces the risk of errors, but also ensures consistency in document handling and compliance with policies and regulations. Plus, once everything’s configured, you’re free to your focus elsewhere with peace of mind knowing routine tasks are running smoothly without your constant oversight.

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Secure peace of mind

IndyForms doesn’t just simplify processes; it enhances security.

Robust data security features including encryption, authentication, and tamper detection ensures you can confidently manage documents, contracts, and agreements efficiently while upholding the highest standards of data protection and security.

Permissions features grant you the flexibility to assign access rights to specific users and departments, ensuring the right people have the right access at all times.

Secure Encrypted Data Storage

Track KPIs with confidence

IndyForms’ comprehensive analytics and reporting tools provide real-time insights into critical metrics, helping you monitor and evaluate your organisation’s performance.

Whether it’s measuring employee productivity, compliance rates or process efficiency, IndyForms delivers actionable data that informs strategic decisions.

This way, you can stay on top of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to drive success.

KPI tracking software

Seamless integration with the tools you already use

IndyForms helps bring all of your business operations together. Whether you’re using platforms for payroll, time tracking, benefits administration, or any other tools, IndyForms has the capability to integrate seamlessly with them.

Our flexible integration framework creates a cohesive digital ecosystem, ensuring smooth data flow and empowering you to make decisions with comprehensive insights. No matter what tools you trust, IndyForms is designed to be the bridge that connects them all.

IndyForms Form Builder Software Integrations

Evolving with you

As your organisation grows, IndyForms is right there with you, ready to adapt. Whether you’re managing a large corporate entity or multiple teams across diverse locations, we’re set to scale alongside you.

Beyond scalability, we shine in the details. We pride ourselves on our robust customisation options and steadfast support, allowing you to tailor forms, workflows, and processes to the unique demands of your organisation, and empowering your success at every turn.

Learn more about Support in IndyForms.

Scalable Business Owner

Just a few ways IndyForms can help Human Resources

Leave and time-off calendar icon

Leave and Time-off Requests

Employees can submit their requests through custom forms, which can be routed to the appropriate managers for approval.

Performance review icon

Performance Reviews

HR professionals can design customised evaluation forms to gather feedback and assess employee performance.

Training & development icon

Training and Development

Create training needs assessment forms, training feedback surveys, and training registration forms.

Employee feedback survey icon

Employee Surveys and Feedback

Create employee surveys, engagement surveys, and feedback forms. These forms can be distributed electronically, allowing employees to provide valuable input.

Compliance check icon

Compliance Documentation

Create and store forms such as employee information updates, acknowledgement of policies, and confidentiality agreements, ensuring easy access and accurate recordkeeping.

Offboarding icon

Offboarding and Exit Interviews

Digitise exit interview forms and employee feedback surveys to gather valuable insights about employee experiences, and facilitate a smooth transition during employee departures.

Form Template Icon

Human Resources Forms on the IndyForms Marketplace

Create your own forms in seconds with pre-built digital form templates, crafted by professionals in the Human Resources industry.

  • Leave Request Forms
  • Performance Evaluation Forms
  • Expense Reimbursement Form
  • Exit Interview Forms
  • Benefits Enrolment Forms
  • Policy Acknowledgment Forms
  • Incident Reporting Forms
  • Change of Personal Information Forms
  • Promotion and Transfer Request Form
Online forms & digital compliance for the HR industry


IndyForms is designed to streamline HR operations, automate workflows, and enhance document management. It simplifies tasks such as employee onboarding, compliance management, and data security, allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives.

Absolutely. IndyForms offers seamless employee onboarding by digitising essential paperwork, policy reviews, and training materials. This accelerates the process, ensures consistency, and provides new hires with a streamlined experience.

IndyForms aids HR compliance by automating regulatory tasks, such as document expiry notifications, compliance form generation, and audit trails. This reduces manual errors, ensures timely submissions, and maintains a compliant environment.

Yes, IndyForms prioritises data security with features like encryption, authentication, and tamper detection. Sensitive HR data is safeguarded, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with data protection regulations.

Certainly. IndyForms offers customisation options to align with your HR processes and policies. Tailor workflows, forms, and notifications to fit your organisation’s unique requirements.

IndyForms provides notifications for HR tasks, deadlines, and obligations. This ensures that nothing is overlooked, helping HR teams stay organised, proactive, and efficient in their responsibilities.

Yes, IndyForms is designed with mobile-friendliness in mind. HR professionals can manage tasks, review documents, and respond to notifications from anywhere, ensuring continuous productivity.

Absolutely. IndyForms offers an employee self-service portal for tasks such as updating personal information, accessing benefits, and training resources. This empowers employees and reduces administrative burdens on HR.

IndyForms enables HR teams to collaborate seamlessly by automating workflows, providing real-time data updates, and ensuring consistent document handling. This enhances communication and productivity within the HR department.

Getting started is easy. You can book a demo to explore the features tailored to the HR industry. Experience firsthand how IndyForms can transform and elevate your HR processes.

Thanks to IndyForms, our teams can easily complete all documentation, training, and benefit requests securely online with automated reminder and approval workflows. The system has dramatically simplified our administrative processes, freeing us from the hassle of paper-based systems and extensive physical file storage.”

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