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IndyForms Form Builder Support & Services

IndyForms isn’t your typical ‘plug-and-play’ SaaS platform. Of course, unless you want it to be. Otherwise, we like to get involved from the moment you decide that IndyForms might be the right platform for you.

Not because it’s complicated.

But because we’re a little obsessed with the power of transforming businesses, and we want to help make it happen for you in the easiest, quickest way possible.    

People-centred service all the way

We’re techies, but whatever we do has always been for the benefit of the person behind the wheel. There’s no point developing an incredible platform without ensuring the people we made it for can use it to their full advantage quickly.

That’s why we offer every IndyForms customer a range of support services to suit their implementation needs, including:

  • Assisted onboarding
  • Custom solutions, integrations and advanced configuration options
  • Personalised reporting, data and analytics set-up
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Ongoing training and interactive webinars
  • Digitisation services
  • Live chat support 24/7
People Centered Service & Support
Assisted Onboarding

Assisted Onboarding

We’ll help you implement IndyForms into your business and ensure the transformation meets your goals and timelines.

Custom Solutions, Integrations & Advanced Configuration

Custom Solutions, Integrations & Advanced Configuration

Your business, your IndyForms. We’ll guide you through the process of designing, building, and testing custom set-ups, workflows and integrations in IndyForms that truly cater to your unique requirements.

Personalised Reporting, Data & Analytics

Personalised Reporting, Data & Analytics

We’ll help you set up custom reporting and make sense of your data, so you can access powerful insights for strategic decision-making whenever you need to.

Dedicated Customer Success & Account Management

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Get personalised support from a dedicated customer success manager who already knows your industry. From custom set-up to ongoing training and optimisation, your customer success manager will work closely with you every step of the way, and be there to help whenever you need it.

Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training

Whether you want to take the next step in your business automation journey – or you and your teams just need a refresher – we’ll be here to help.

Interactive Webinars

Interactive Webinars

Take advantage of our selection of interactive webinars featuring insights from IndyForms experts and other industry leaders. With both ‘live’ and ‘on-demand’ options, gain valuable knowledge to help your business thrive.

Online Form Digitisation


We’ll take the task of digitising your existing paper forms off your hands, so you can focus on building your business – and not the tedium of translating paper to platform. We’ll even replicate existing digital forms from other platforms in IndyForms for you.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Need extra help? Our help centre is packed with in-depth and easily searchable resources, and our IndyForms experts are always available via live chat if you need one-on-one support.

  • Help Centre – Packed with self-help articles, tutorials and videos, our Help Centre provides clear guidance for your team and customers.
  • Instant Chat – Need help right away? Our friendly and knowledgeable team is available in-app to provide you with prompt and personalised assistance. No more ticketing systems – get the help you need right when you need it.
Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

No matter when you need it, you’ll have the support of a real person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IndyForms Enterprise Gold Level Support & Services

Digital Transformation with IndyForms Enterprise

You can streamline your journey to a more efficient digital business with IndyForms Enterprise, our premier solution underpinned by a unique support model.

Enterprise goes beyond traditional software support with personalised, whole-of-business consultancy. This partnership approach ensures you can smoothly adopt integrated digital systems that align with your unique needs, and experience the benefits sooner.

If you want more than software and services that target just one aspect of your operations, Enterprise is your answer for comprehensive digital transformation.

Learn more about Enterprise ›