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Board meetings are the cornerstone of your organisation’s governance and strategy. Use IndyForms to enhance these vital gatherings, driving efficiency and decisive action.

Meeting minutes, notes & agenda software

Streamlining Business Globally

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Focus more on strategic decision-making, and less on administrative tasks

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Real-time collaboration

Enable stakeholders to securely collaborate directly on documents within IndyForms, eliminating cumbersome email exchanges.

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Privacy and security

Ensure data protection with advanced access control and secure, encrypted storage.

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No-code agenda builder with AI

Quickly create and modify digital forms, from detailed meeting agendas to comprehensive note templates, without technical expertise.

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Electronic signatures

Capture date-stamped e-signatures and share signed forms instantly on any device.

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User-friendly digital forms

Design forms that promote prompt and compliant responses.

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Never miss a meeting or action item again. See schedules and tasks at a glance, and receive notifications about upcoming and overdue action items.

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Automated workflows

Effortlessly manage meetings with pre- and post-meeting automated tasks and notifications, ensuring smooth and efficient coordination.

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Mobile forms

Ensure team members have access to meeting information and documents, anywhere, anytime.

Efficient meeting agendas

With IndyForms, organising and managing meeting agendas becomes a collaborative and efficient process, setting the stage for more productive meetings.

Intuitive digital tools simplify the creation and sharing of comprehensive meeting agenda templates, general meeting templates, one-on-one meeting templates and more. Collaborators can access and edit only their specific agenda sections, removing the hassle of back-and-forth emails and insecure attachments.

  • AI-assisted agenda creation: Choose from industry-standard templates or use our AI design tool for custom agenda creation. Replicate previous agendas with one click.
  • Easily customisable sections: Tailor each agenda item to your meeting’s specific requirements; add titles, designate presenters, and set time allocations to keep meetings on track.
  • Integrated documents and notes: Directly attach relevant documents and notes to agenda items.
  • Drag-and-drop convenience: Rearrange agenda items with automatic reindexing of your attachments and notes.
  • Share control: Set user groups and permissions to provide the right people convenient access to view and edit any or all sections of your digital documents.
  • Automated workflows: Schedules and notifications provide timely reminders of agendas and meeting minutes for viewing, collaboration and approvals.
  • Comprehensive board pack creation: Easily compile essential meeting documents, including agendas, minutes, and reports, into a cohesive board pack.
IndyForms meeting agenda software

Detailed meeting minutes

IndyForms offers a comprehensive solution for meticulously documenting meetings, ensuring that every detail is captured efficiently and in compliance with governance requirements.

Record crucial discussions, decisions, and action items, and let IndyForms’ automation streamline the entire pre- and post-meeting process. The result: enhanced accountability, timely execution of action items, and consistent communication with all stakeholders.

  • Efficient minute-taking: Directly capture minutes within each agenda item, reducing time and avoiding data duplication.
  • Automatic decision register: Save decisions in a decision register, maintaining detailed records for governance purposes.
  • Automated action assignment: Assign and track action items with automated workflows, ensuring stakeholder engagement and timely completion.
  • Consistent post-meeting communication: Automatically distribute minutes and action items, facilitating ongoing stakeholder engagement and progress tracking.
IndyForms meeting minutes software
IndyForms dynamic note taking software

Dynamic note taking

IndyForms’ note taking features complement your formal meeting agenda and minutes.

Allow participants to freely capture detailed notes, brainstorming ideas, and individual observations during meetings. Notes can be organised by agenda item for coherence and are stored separately to maintain the distinction from the formal meeting minutes.

For added flexibility, you can attach these comprehensive notes to your formal agenda or meeting minutes, providing an in-depth appendix that enriches the official record with broader insights and perspectives. This approach ensures that while the official documentation remains concise and focused, the expansive and nuanced details of the meeting are just a click away.

Centralised compliance and documentation

IndyForms is your comprehensive hub for governance and compliance documentation, ensuring that all your crucial records are easily searchable, well-organised, up to date, and secure.

Simplify the storage, tagging, and retrieval of essential documents, from meeting minutes, agendas, and notes, to reports, filings, audits, and various registers.

With IndyForms, you gain a centralised repository that offers secure, encrypted access, significantly streamlining your governance processes and elevating your compliance management.

IndyForms centralised compliance and documentation software
IndyForms governance automation software

Automating governance with IndyForms

IndyForms’ automation tools are tailored to enhance the entire meeting cycle, from pre-meeting preparations to post-meeting follow-ups, delivering unmatched efficiency and reducing manual efforts.

  • Streamlined minute confirmation: Automatically include a link to the previous meeting’s minutes in each new agenda template.
  • Efficient action item review: Stay on top of tasks with an automated review of action items from previous meetings.
  • Automated post-meeting processes: Simplify your workflow with automated post-meeting tasks, such as distributing minutes, tracking action item progress, and updating registers and compliance documents.
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Meeting Forms on the IndyForms Marketplace

Create your own digital documents in seconds with pre-built templates crafted by industry experts:

  • Meeting agenda templates
  • Minutes of meeting templates
  • Meeting notes templates
  • Team meeting agenda templates
Online forms & digital compliance for the non profit industry

Case Study: Currumbin Beach Vikings SLSC

Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club transitioned to digital meetings to improve their operational efficiency and reduce the burden on its valuable life-saving volunteers. Using electronic forms for distributing meeting minutes and agendas streamlined the team’s communication channels and saved considerable time.

What sets IndyForms apart from the rest is the support. Their commitment to taking the time to understand and pivot to the client’s needs has been a major benefit.”

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