Time Saving for Lifesaving:

How IndyForms Revolutionised Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club’s Operations.

In the picturesque coastal community of Currumbin Beach, a dedicated team of 60 staff and 1,000 volunteers works tirelessly to provide essential lifesaving services to local beachgoers from September to May, patrolling the shores on weekends and public holidays.

A not-for-profit, charitable organisation, Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) also runs educational programs for juniors— providing education to 350 ‘nippers’ about surf safety— and hosts competitive sports events as well as facilitates surf sport programs to engage the community in healthy living activities.

Being a professional rescue team is a big job. On top of it, Currumbin Beach Vikings SLSC was also facing significant challenges in managing their operations.

That’s where IndyForms came to the rescue.

Case Study: Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Lifesaving Club

The challenge:

Currumbin Beach Vikings SLSC found its paper-based systems to be labour-intensive and time-consuming. ‘Producing, filing, and ensuring compliance for documents consumed a significant amount of time and labour,’ explained Michael Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer at Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club.

‘Given that many of our dedicated team members are volunteers, streamlining became crucial. On top of this, effective communication between staff and volunteers proved challenging within our existing system.’

We were in search of a platform that would let our teams focus on their core mission instead of navigating complex paperwork. More importantly, it needed to facilitate better communication among all our members while ensuring we remain compliant with regulations and legislation governing our activities.”

The solution:

IndyForms stepped in to develop a tailored solution to these challenges. One of the first steps was managing the transition to digital meetings to improve Currumbin Beach Vikings SLSC’s operational efficiency and reduce the burden on its valuable life-saving volunteers.

‘We started with converting our meeting minutes and agendas from a sit-down distribution pattern to an electronic form,’ Michael told us. ‘We did all of our induction processes for our board members for the post and general meetings online and with forms.’

Replacing sit-down meetings with electronic forms for distributing meeting minutes and agendas streamlined the team’s communication channels, dramatically simplifying the club’s onboarding process, reducing the need for physical paperwork, and saving considerable time.

On onboarding the team:

Embracing a digital solution was a significant shift for the organisation, and change management played a crucial role.

‘Having members become familiar with the software program and learning how to use it, I think that was the main challenge’, Michael told us. ‘It’s a very different way of doing things, and that initial support was important.’

Members needed time to become familiar with the new software and its features, which is why IndyForms’ support team met the challenge by providing direct communication, personalising the program according to the team’s feedback, and assisting team members to adapt to the new platform.

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‘Penbe from IndyForms has been amazing,’ Michael said. ‘She’s assisted us whenever we’ve had an enquiry. She’s easy to work with, taken on board feedback, and adapted IndyForms to meet our specific needs. A big plus for us is that responses and solutions are always delivered quickly.’

As part of the process, IndyForms also provided the less tech-savvy with ongoing support to help them get the most out the system.

On choosing IndyForms:

While exploring alternative options for document management, the team had dabbled with a few other systems. When they didn’t meet their needs, they searched instead for a distinctively customer-focused and customisable system—and found IndyForms.

Michael told us what it was that set IndyForms apart from the rest. ‘It’s all about the support,’ he said, ‘there’s a real support layer there, and their commitment to taking the time to understand and pivot to the client’s needs has been a major benefit.’

For the club, IndyForms’ robust, customer-facing support system ensured that the team had assistance whenever they needed it. The club also benefited greatly from IndyForms’ customised customer service, as the team actively incorporated feedback to tailor the system to the surf club’s unique needs.

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The results:

Though it’s still early days, the feedback from key stakeholders in Currumbin Beach Vikings SLSC has been overwhelmingly positive. As the organisation continues to roll out and standardise its processes with IndyForms, the benefits are becoming increasingly evident.

‘First impressions have been great,’ Michael told us. ‘The team is eager to see what happens in a few more cycles of rolling the system out and being consistent with the process’.

We’re looking forward to seeing how IndyForms will transform the club’s operations in the coming months.

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Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club is just one example of how IndyForms can streamline business operations to make a big impact on service delivery. Whether you’re a not-for-profit or charitable organisation, or a large corporate, IndyForms can help your business to transition from labour-intensive and unsustainable paper-based processes to a digital system that will significantly reduce your team’s workload and improve your efficiency and productivity.

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