Transform your HR operations with IndyForms

Say goodbye to heavy administrative tasks, piles of paperwork and compliance headaches. IndyForms simplifies it all.

Human Resources (HR) compliance forms

Streamlining Business Globally

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Document & workflow software that simplifies HR

With IndyForms, paperwork finds a new home in a secure, digital environment. Documents are now a quick click away, and manual workflows are easily managed through automation and online collaboration.

HR becomes less about paperwork, and more about people.

Electronic signatures icon


Enable electronic signatures for documents, streamlining approval processes such as performance reviews or new hire contracts.

Automated workflows icon

Automated workflows

Streamline HR operations by automating repetitive tasks, like employee onboarding, to ensure efficiency and compliance.

Version control Icon

Version control

Maintain document accuracy and compliance, especially vital for policies and procedures that require updates.

Prebuilt form templates icon

Pre-built templates

Easily access and adapt digital documents to your HR needs. Customise existing forms or craft new ones using our user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder.

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Access control

Maintain data security and privacy by controlling who has access to HR documents and information.

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Employee self-service

Give employees direct access to their personal information, benefits, training resources and performance management tools.

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Pre-loaded templates

Save time and maintain consistency with a library of pre-loaded contracts, policies, and other HR templates, expertly crafted and ready to use.

No-code form builder icon

No-code form builder with AI

A drag-and-drop form builder with AI capabilities means you can create and update digital forms easily, from employment contracts to performance evaluations and more.

Drive employee engagement & satisfaction

Our user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder simplifies the creation of new documents, checklists, and forms. With numerous interactive fields, you can easily customise documents to align with your HR strategies.

Plus, the flexibility of an AI-powered form designer provides a faster and easier way to create the forms you need. Just share your custom form requirements with the AI designer, and it’ll help build it for you.

Worker Using Automation Software

Master operational efficiency

IndyForms brings a touch of magic to your HR operations. With seamless workflow automation, you can easily manage routine HR processes, approval workflows, and compliance.

Notifications, automatic reminders, and scheduled forms keep your HR policies and practices aligned with regulations, while e-signature capabilities make signature workflows as easy as a few clicks.

Automation Time and Money Savings

Everything in one place

IndyForms revolutionises document management with secure, centralised online storage. Access any HR document you need online, eliminating manual filing, storage, and printing – along with their associated costs.

Find employment forms, job applications, new employee details, and more, all at your fingertips.

Form Builder with Cloud Storage

Compliance made simple

Automated compliance tracking and version control features ensure that you’re always up to date with the latest regulations.

Access control and permissions guarantee that only authorised personnel have access to sensitive information, and e-Signatures simplify processes like onboarding and contract signing.
Detailed audit trails provide invaluable insights during compliance audits and investigations.

Assessment & Rating Software

Thanks to IndyForms, our teams can easily complete all documentation, training, and benefit requests securely online with automated reminder and approval workflows. The system has dramatically simplified our administrative processes, freeing us from the hassle of paper-based systems and extensive physical file storage.”

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